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Island, Mountain, Hills, Sea… what do they all have in common!! It’s vacation time. People like me who likes to go traveling exploring places, that’s part of those that I’ve been.

My last visit was in Penang Island so called the Pearl of The Orient of Malaysia. But wait… what’s next?? Somewhere from another country? Here I come Australia! I am going to Perth next. Well, this time not alone but with other peers and colleagues. So there would be at least people to go together with, walk with and talk with. Perhaps I should have backpacked instead!

Backpack!! Hmm.. problem is getting a place to stay while backpacking. Guessed I should search for a place to bunk in. Those places to get vacation rentals seems to be abundant now. I so wished to go to Hawaii one of these days. Then I found a site at www.vlbo.com that gives me all the help and details about Hawaii. There’s even a Maui Vacation Rentals Guide in there.

A good note, when traveling to a country for the first time, always do check up on the desired place one wanted to go. Simply barging and expecting the unknown will sometimes kill your budget. Actually I also just found out that there are like 4 other major islands around Hawaii.

Lilo & Stitch

Hehe… I might be able to visit Lilo & Stitch there =P…

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