Stupid Created Weird Story

One day Char Kuey Teow said he’s bored. Then he went find his fren Siu Long Bao for dinner. But then Siu Long Bao that day already find his girl friend, Yip Chi Mei Dai Bao.
So Char Kuey Teow already give up want find any friend, in the end don’t want to do anything. Just sitting in toilet “da pian” (doing big business). Then suddenly he heard the knock on the door.

“Char Kuey Teow! Char Kuey Teow!, you there are?? Me la…I am Yong Tau Foo!”.

Noticing got someone coming over to look for him, Char Kuey Teow came out of the toilet(loo) and opened the door and welcomed this Yong Tau Foo. They shook hands. OMG…Char Kuey Teow forgot washed hands. OMG…Shit stucked at Yong Tau Foo, Yong Tau Foo felt disgusted and went out. But when he got out, Ban Mee saw him, and smelt something on him.

“What the shit smell is that. Oh man…is Tau Foo. Damn smelly. Chau Tau Foo”.

Moral of the story: That’s how we got out Chau Tau Foo (Smelly Bean Curd in plain English).


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