Beach Side Fever

So I’ve been to PD (Port Dickson) just few weeks ago. Well bet you don’t know how the hell why everyone says PD is dirty as ever and the beach is so polluted no one ever goes into the sea. WHAT?????

PD, to me is the cheapest seaside trip one can ever make. It’s definitely cheaper than Redang Island, Perhentian Island, Lang Tengah, etc.

So here’s some shots I got in PD. If you want a clear beach with living corals, ask me. If you want a clear beach where there’s clear water even when u walk you can see your feet below. Go to 11th Mile.

Beach on 14th Mile
Stuffs You’ll See During The Night at The Beach

I have enough of uploading when my bandwidth sucks here. Maybe another time. Wait after my next trip. Oh…I might spring up a surprise tomorrow


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