Autobots RollOut

Hooray!! danielctw‘s turn to watch
Autobots RollOut!!

Transformers!!! I love the Dinobots last time when it was shown on tv during my younger days when I was like just a primary or kindergarten school boy! The dinobots rocks during those times. Especially Grimlock. =D

DinoBots Attack!!!!!

Ok, maybe I regretted destroying all my old Transformer toys back then cause young days where got learn how to collect, but play and crash each another. Anyway, back to those times, I remembered only in one or two episodes, the Dinobots did transform with each another to form err… hahaha.. forgotten liao. Old liao wei!!

Optimus Prime
I am Optimus Prime, I don’t really have a facelift!

Now Transformers is back wei… so far received lots of good response from my fellow colleagues, friends about the movie. Well, what is nice though, I didn’t ask. But some critics said that the movie is more about advertisements for cars (mobile).

Skater Decepticon
You guys lose to me the Pro Skater

Hmm… I am beginning to wonder, if the action is as too fast like the recent Spiderman 3 where the best action was at the end (Ya… I know they turned Spiderman into a sissy) will I be able to enjoy Transformers?? This goes to show that I need something else to motivate me in case the movie turns out to be more talk than action.

Transformers Fight
Skater Vs Optimus Prime Final Round Fight

Ok I must be mad suddenly mentioning a lot about transformers, but then can’t help it. This is a movie that I’ve been waiting for quite a long time. Why not talk about it? In this movie, when there are good guys, there are bound to be bad guys. When there are goodies and baddies, there is bound to be a hero. When there’s a hero, there is bound to be some cute chick. So here we have it.

Girl From Transformer
Hot Babe
Sui Chabo From Transformer
Haha!!! Color Decomposition!

Don’t kill me please for inking the guy there. Hehehe!!! Ok, transformers Here I watch you tonight!!! Yoo hoo!!!


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