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The top 5 best travel items in 2017

Traveling somewhere? Having the best travel gear with you guarantees a more enjoyable trip.  Check out the 5 best travel items you shouldn’t miss this year. Packing cubes It’s always a good idea to organize your things. It helps you conserve space, and avoid ...Read More

The top 5 reasons to visit Montreal in 2017

While making plans to travel over the coming year, there are many places to consider. If you live in the United States but are uncomfortable traveling overseas to Europe, taking a Canadian vacation can still provide a great international experience. Depending on where you ...Read More

Traveling Around Hsinchu 新竹

It is time to come back and continue the once forgotten adventures. After getting a new laptop, it took some time to recover old files that were in the old hard disk. Time has passed but with photos, those memories still remain fresh in ...Read More

Eat, Play, and Relax in Port Dickson

Port Dickson, named from an English officer Sir John Frederick Dickson in 1889. Port Dickson is best known for its marine tourism surrounded by beautiful beaches. Not many expats heard about Port Dickson, however, when you have the chance for a short getaway… Port ...Read More

Tips for Traveling with Family?

Going on vacation with your family is probably something you look forward to all year if you’re like most people. After all, you probably don’t get out of the office for more than a weekend most of the time. Traveling with family isn’t always ...Read More