4 Benefits of Visiting Your Dentist

Good dental health is an essential part of your overall health, and visiting your dentist regularly is super important. After all, you probably already visit your primary care doctor each year, so why wouldn’t you go to a place like Westminster Dental to check up on your teeth? Consider a few reasons why you should visit your dentist no matter where you live.

Visiting Your Dentist?

1. Deeper Cleaning

Even if you brush your teeth for a full two minutes twice every day, you should get regular dental cleanings. Your dentist or hygienist can do a deeper cleaning than you can with your toothbrush. They have special tools to remove plaque and other buildups on your teeth, and they can offer tips for how to keep your teeth clean after you leave the office. Plus, you can leave the appointment with a clean set of teeth.

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2. Tooth X-Rays

Another useful part of visiting the dentist is getting x-rays of your teeth. An x-ray can reveal problems like tooth decay or cavities, so your dentist can find things that you may not notice on your own. Over time, your dentist can use your x-rays to track the development of your teeth, and they can help you stay informed in case you develop any problems.

3. New Dental Tools

Some dentists will finish an appointment and give you a new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. While not all dentists do this, it can be a great excuse to switch out your toothbrush. Plus, if you travel often, you can never have too many small toothpaste tubes. Even if your dentist doesn’t give you these tools, they can recommend a certain brand of toothpaste for your teeth, and they can suggest a certain toothbrush as well.

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4. Referrals

If your dentist does find a problem, such as the need for braces, they can refer you to a specialist. In the case of needing braces, your dentist can recommend an orthodontist so that you can correct the alignment of your teeth. And if you need to get your wisdom teeth out, your dentist can suggest a local surgeon who can perform the procedure so that you can get rid of any pain or risks associated with your wisdom teeth.

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