5 Creative Luxury Vacation Ideas You’ll Love

Anybody would love to experience a luxury vacation at least once in their lives. It’s an indulgence you deserve for all the hard days you put in at work. Rest and relaxation helps your mind and body rejuvenate. It calms you down and relieves you from stress. Read on as we show you 5 of the most creative luxury vacation ideas you may want to consider saving up for.

san lucas hotels

1. Set foot in luxury villas at San Lucas, Mexico

Our guys at enjoymexico.net/top-mexico-destinations/ cited San Lucas as home to a lot of luxury vacation villas that will surely give you your money’s worth. There are plenty of beachfront properties that you could rent and so many activities you can do to enjoy the place. A night at one of these highly regarded places starts at $1,500 per night. Pretty hefty, but definitely worth it for the rare indulgence you deserve.

2. Board a private jet to Antarctica

Luxury vacations don’t need to take days and weeks. If you’re time pressed but still don’t want to miss out on the ultimate vacation of your life, White Desert offers private jet transfers to the interiors of Antarctica. The only company in the world to do so. A one-day trip to the icy continent aboard a Gulfstream Private Jet would set you aback $195,000. You’re allowed to explore up to 4 hours on the ground accompanied by professional guides before heading back to the jet to enjoy a gourmet champagne dinner courtesy of an award-winning chef. Not everyone gets to experience this type of luxury, so it definitely tops one of the most unique ways to spend a fancy vacation.

Hotel Georges V in Paris, France

3. Stay at the penthouse apartment at Hotel Georges V in Paris, France

The world famous penthouse suite in Hotel Georges V offers the most stunning view of Paris no one could ever beat. A private balcony allows for an unobstructed view of the Eiffel tower, and the interiors of the suite are no less than elegant and perfectly memorable. The living areas are stylish, comfortable, and adorned with crystal decorations. The master bedroom is everything you needed to relax and unwind, with calming pastel blinds and top notch linens that instantly lulls you to sleep.

With a remarkably classic and sophisticated look, you’d think they’d be lacking in technology, but no. They offer amazing in-room services that will make you feel like royalty. From a full stocked entertainment system to 24-hour concierge, dining, and cleaning services, you’ll definitely not want to leave this place.

4. Book a night at the world’s most expensive hotel

We’re talking about Burj al Arab royal suite in Dubai. This suite is a monster in features and will truly dazzle you blind. Two master bedrooms each with their own jacuzzi, a marble and gold decked entryway, and pillars covered in gold? You’re an instant king when you get here. And the price? A staggering average of $24,000 per night. The suite is two floors big and is massive at 780 square meters big. That’s an extremely expensive and luxurious vacation you have there.

luxury hotel aurelio lech

5. Spend a laid-back weekend on Aurelio Lech

If you want to shy away from excessive grandeur but still want to feel a lux vacay, Lech am Arlberg, Austria is home to Aurelio Lech, a luxury hotel that caters to young people looking for a laid-back atmosphere. If you’re a fan of snow sports, the place has direct access to heli-skiing, paragliding, ice skating, and snowshoeing amenities, to name a few. It’s a quiet place with complete amenities such as spas, gyms, several pools, and even a mediation center.

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