5 Tips to buying the best splitting maul

Every day, we all use different tools to make our lives easier. Whether in the kitchen, in the office, or at home, these tools all have different purposes. One of those tools is the splitting maul. Homeowners who cut their own firewood are very familiar with this tool, but did you know that you can use for other purposes as well?

Yes, even when traveling and if you’re planning to go into the woods to set up camp or in the cabin, you might wanna get a splitting maul. The splitting maul is different from the splitting axe. The latter is used to cut wood into smaller pieces while the former is for splitting the wood apart. It would be hard to split wood using the axe because its sharp edges can get stuck on the wood.

To help you make the right the right decision, look at the following tips so that you can buy the one perfect for you and your household.

splitting maul usage

1. Make sure you know how to use it – if it’s your first time to handle one, make sure that you have studied hard and have taken enough safety precautions. This means that you should be also invest in proper safety gear such as protective glasses and work gloves .

heavy splitting maul head

2. Consider which weight you are comfortable with – a splitting maul is heavier than the axe. Its average weight is about 8 lbs, but there are some that can be lighter than that. Test out the weight that would be perfect for you. Whatever is easier to handle for you, consider that as one of your options.

multiple size splitting maul


3. Choose the length perfect for your needs – there are many opinions regarding the perfect length for a splitting maul. Some would claim that the longer the axe handle, the more power it gives, therefore it will be faster to split wood with it. Just choose one that you feel comfortable handling. Test it out first to see what will fit you the most.

4. Choose quality material over design – this is regarding the handle. There are many materials that can be chosen for your splitting maul handle. It can be wood, fiberglass or mixtures of different materials. While some would say that wood is probably the most comfortable one to hold, it is heavy compared to the fiberglass. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s not only of the highest quality, but that it has a non-slip grip to prevent any untoward injury.

splitting maul choices

5. Make sure there is a good balance between the weight of the head and the handle – if there is not a good balance between the two, the user of the splitting maul would have difficulty in holding and swinging the splitting maul. The more balanced the tool is, the more efficient it’s swings will be.

To make it easier for you to choose, here’s a review of the best splitting maul. Go through the choices and see which one will best fit you. Whatever you will choose, make sure you are safe and that you don’t use it when you are sick because it is a dangerous tool to handle.

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