From Taoyuan 桃園 to Hsinchu 新竹

Rise and shine, it is time to plan where to go in Taoyuan 桃園 before we make our next destination to Hsinchu 新竹. Sunrise is way early here around 5am and definitely it was weird getting up at 830am with the sun high up in the sky. I was so looking forward to breakfast in hotel, then realized that Taiwanese usually have porridge for breakfast.

Well, breakfast was porridge and yes, with all the other condiments as well. Checking out early in the morning and walking around with a big luggage is not an easy way to travel but since with our knowledge of the roads the night before, it was an easy walk. While walking a few buildings and architecture caught my attention.

taoyuan nice architecture town

It is indeed a very unique building. Nevertheless something else caught my mind. Here is a simple tip I would like to share with you if you are traveling and wanted to share your travel photos with others. Do it differently or make the photo stand out.

QQ Nails Design Building Taoyuan

Let us look at the above photo. Most people usually take photos like the first one, a simple shot from the front of where they were walking which is something I noticed in most bloggers’ website when they travel. Instead here is what you should do instead.

QQ Nails Taoyuan Closeup

That is right, go close and shoot at a bizarre angle to enhance the feeling of a photo. This photo will definitely be more intriguing than the first. Anyway that is a picture of a Nail Polish shop called QQ Nails in Taoyuan.

Finally reached Taoyuan Train Station and it does feel a bit different. I felt like I am like am a wanderer amongst the other people walking to and fro from the station.

Daniel Chew in front of Taoyuan Train Station

Tips for travelers : Be yourself, be unique and that is what a travel blogger should be.

Seeing that this will be our first time traveling using the train, it is best to ask the Visitor Information Center that is situated in the Train Station. Yes, surprisingly they have a convenient place for tourist to query about their next destination.

Travel Tip: If you are below 30s, you may also apply for a Youth Card for special discounts and privileges. Sad… as I am past that limit.

taoyuan station visitor information center

The staffs are friendly and most of them are able to speak in English. They will advice you on which train to travel and they also provide pamphlets and leaflets about the place you are going to.

I still remember the time when I first traveled on a train and it was way back during the 1980s riding in one from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Singapore. Man, all these bring back memories (well, that’s for another time I guess).

Finally it was time to board the train and estimated journey is about 1 hour from Taoyuan to HsinChu. Definitely time to get some light rest. The fare from Taoyuan to HsinChu cost about TWD 330 per person.

sleeping in train

while some of us camwhore…. oh wait… it is now called selfie (wefie?) in the train.

dan yen selfie

Finally time was up and we finally reached Hsinchu. Needless to say, time for a signature pose.

daniel chew was here tsinchu

Alright moving along, it is better to go check into the hotel. This time we booked ourselves into Golden Swallow Hotel.

Located at No.13, Minzu Rd., East Dist., 300 Hsinchu, Taiwan and paying only about TWD 800, this 2 Star hotel offers a great place to stay. Situated not far away from the train station, this enables us to easily move our luggage easily and to travel to our next destination for convenience sake.

Golden Swallow Hotel Hsinchu

Did I forget to mentioned that WiFi services and free breakfast is also provided? Mainly most hotels in Taiwan do provide WiFi and breakfast. The only thing I miss that this hotel does not have is the bathtub. Well one cannot get them all.

As usual what can one do in Hsinchu?

Did you know that Hsinchu is the oldest city in Northern Taiwan? It was during the time of the Qing Dynasty did only Hsinchu expanded. Wow, talk about history.

Let us visit the famous “Dong Men” (basically East Gate 東門). Constructed from granite and with a distinctive arched entrance, the historic East Gate is the city center’s most well known landmark. It is located at the junction of Dongmen and Zhongzheng Roads.

dongmen park

Before we actually see how the East Gate looks like, came about this scenic park. If you love to take photos, this is where one can take such lovely ones.

pretty sun light yen

It was actually a hot day but it was also cooling. You will not regret taking photos here.

daniel chew dongmen park

Neither did I with my signature pose. So if you’re planning to drop by Hsinchu, do drop by this park and take splendid photos. Till next time when we do explore more of Hsinchu and wonder what else could we eat around here.

So just bear with me for awhile, as I write the next post regarding the things one can do in Hsinchu (新竹).



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