Sponsored Post: Travel Smart with Toyota Hybrid


As always traveling is not about how much you spent? Rather it is how did you spend? Ever thought of traveling with a budget, but with a vehicle? This is where I present to you about the new Toyota Hybrid.

Before we go on, let us have a look at the video about this new Toyota Hybrid.

Look at the them dominoes going up.

domino brick

While often we associate dominoes with falling down, in this clip we see quite the opposite, with dominoes picking themselves up and creating stunning imagery. This video beautifully captures the essence of the spirit of Toyota innovation. Thus Toyota was able to achieve the unimaginable and impossible by producing the launch of their new hybrid technology.

toyota hybrid vehicle

Usually we would never be able to associate a car company with positive environmental effect, but this time the Toyota Hybrid has shown that it is possible.

white toyota hybrid

Presenting the new Toyota Hybrid.

For someone like me who has been driving a Toyota (Toyota Corolla SE) all this while, this is good news to me. Why? When it comes to mileage, emissions, and social-friendliness, with the launch of their FCV, the new Toyota is now eco-friendly! Here is something you have to know, did you know that Toyota is one of the largest companies to push hybrid electric vehicles in the market and the first to commercially mass-produce and sell such vehicles, with the introduction of the Toyota Prius in 1997.

These days due to the high fuel charges, I think it is better to have a more fuel efficiency car. Oh yeah, if you’re interested to know more about this full blown hybrid by Toyota, why not check out Toyota’s Global Website. If you are particularly interested in Toyota the same as I am, follow them on their Google+ page. The FCV is coming up, can’t wait to check out this new Toyota FCV.

For those who prefer the shortcut, why not checkout the Youtube Channel.

Toyota Youtube Channel

Toyota Youtube Video

This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all the thought is my own.

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