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I love traveling. Of course, that is what I love doing, and in order to make the most of my travels, I need to get my travel gears organized. The power of the Internet is conveniently so good that I can get all my gears online. No more hassle in purposely finding car park spaces and paying expensive parking tickets.

Talking about ordering stuffs online, I was deeply amazed with how Tesco now provides delivery right at your doorstep. Those days, never would I have thought something like this from a chain store.

Tesco Shop

What??? They even have a video created for their new service. Really, there is a special appearance by a celebrity too. (Ahem… I meant a celebrity athlete)

Here is their catch phrase:

We tested the hypothesis that a delivery man on foot can add mobility, versatility, and reduce cost to current methods. However, lab results indicated a dismal success rate in item delivery.

This video really was spot on about the capabilities of a delivery man on foot but no matter how it is, sometimes it does not mean it is the best solution. (Spoiler alert) If you think that it was Usain Bolt, you are definitely right. The current fastest man on the planet has the mobility, versatility and a perfect way to reduce cost in terms of petrol with his speed like movement but sad to say sometimes there are outside factor as to why it is not a feasible way.

I think the best thing is that Tesco’s online delivery service is available in selected urban areas of Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, and Penang. So not only Kuala Lumpur but also major towns in Johor Bahru and Penang will have this privilege. Sweet.

Daniel Chew giving the eye to Usain Bolt
Me: Usain Bolt, I love that you are the fastest man on the planet, but I got to be honest, the Tesco delivery is so not for you.

Who could be the people behind this video? I don’t know but if I do, I will definitely inform the rest of you guys.

I don’t want to give the answer out, so I rather have you take a look at the video itself so as not to spoil the party. Oh yeah, come to think of it, it is time to announce that I will be going to Kinabalu next year for another climb up the Mount Kinabalu. Well, looks like time for me to train like Usain Bolt and hopefully be as fast as him so that I can get enough rest after reaching the camp near the half of the peak.

This post has been sponsored by Tesco.

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