My New Year 2011

How I spent my new year 2011? Well, not that it’s anything different. Since most people would opt to go for countdown. Well, of course, something like this could be started off with a group of people singing.

Karaoke Time

So we had singing time with me occasionally going towards the food bar and ate non-stop. I haven’t sung in ages, that my skills in throwing out my voice for a song is getting rusty. Well, hope for more karaoke sessions in the future. After that it was all about movie, food and stuffs and finally it’s the end. Funny how fast it seems. Pictures though tell a thousand words.

Baskin Robbins 31st

You would have known that on that day, it’s definitely going to be 31st. Since it’s the eve of the new year, it is bound to be 31st. So what a better way than to get 31% off for a tub of Baskin Robbins.

Of course, after that it was a few places to hang about and it was time for dinner. What better place to secure first before the crowd start gathering than at 5pm. We were lucky we got the place first.

Onion Rings Special Bubba Gump

Superb rings. Why not try to guess where this superb display of onion rings were at? Yes, it’s one of the dishes of this place. The next picture will tell you about this place. Short information, this place has whole load full of shrimps.

Bubba Gump Special Drink

Bubba Gump~~~

All in all, there are remnants of the earlier Christmas events there. So before all the ornaments, decorations, snow is gone, it’s time to take a photo.

Snowy Christmas

Seemingly, what a weird photo. The problem with using a wide angle though. Nevertheless, it tells you a story. We didn’t stay long after that. All of us left at 1130pm knowingly that it will result in a traffic jam later and multiple spray canisters of aerosol. It was a good move. We enjoyed the fireworks later.

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