What Do You Know About QR Barcodes?

In this age and time, it looks like there are so many advances in technology. Remember how we all used to go to the Supermarket and then have a look at the time of payment, the cashier just scans a code from the product and the price is out. When I was a little kid, I found it fascinating.

Barcode Scanned Using HTC Hero

Now in this time and future, where everyone is mostly holding a smartphone, be it iPhone, Android Phones or any others, there is another barcode well known to them which what we call them qr barcodes. How does it look like?

DanielCtw QR Barcode

This is a typical QR Barcode. Using a QR Barcode Scanner, it will redirect to a link, page or a contact number. Nowadays you’ll see so many webpages and websites using QR, it’s become a normal phenomenon. The same goes for me too, this site deserves it’s own QR Barcode and if you were to try using the QR Scanner on the barcode above you will land on the home page of Weird Weird Denial. Pretty cool right?

Now don’t you wish your website has it’s own QR Barcode now?

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