Possible Winning IPhone 3Gs

It’s August 2009. It’s a historical event. It was the month where Nicol David defended her squash title. It was also the month of this blogger’s BIRTHDAY and more importantly the month where Malaysians all around celebrate their Independence Day… rather MERDEKA~~~

Side Story : Yes, Daniel (DanielCtw) the Weird Blogger is now officially 27. Yes, I am that OLD. Though if you were to compare me and a few others around my age, you would have been in awe and shocked to see the physical differences. BWAHAHA. (Bleach laugh)

Why is my blog post now full of words? Where has all the photos gone to? That’s a long story but seemingly yes, I am now using a different computer and the photos are all stucked in another PC which is monitorless (monitor got kidnapped by my brother).

IPhone 3gs

That’s beside the question. Heard of IPhone? Yes, the one from Apple and quite the IN thing amongst people nowadays. Now how would you like if you could stand a chance to win a IPhone 3GS (yes, IPhone’s New version 3Gs is the latest one)? Not to worry, I am spreading this good news and if you see that banner on the top right, click there and it’ll go directly to the contest form. Then all you need to do is register and be on the running for the contest where the prizes to be won includes Iphone 3Gs and 320Gb Western Digital Hard Disks. Of course, under referrer’s email you can include my email of danielctw[at]gmail[dot]com and I would gladly appreciate it. This is not compulsory though. By the way Exabytes is not paying me to write this contest (If only they do).


Now seeing how easy one can put one selves in the running of a prize, so I just try my luck seemingly I haven’t done one in a long time. But let’s get to what I have been doing these past few days. Haven’t been updating much, due to the monstrosity amount of work and a cup of lazy cereals. Though, I do miss those times where I wrote something like this and just publish it on the blog and people read words. Well, those days when I used to blog like this is finally revived once more, but it won’t be always like that.

Bla bla bla~~ etc etc etc~~ Anyway if you didn’t enable javascript and reading this entry, I’ve made it convenient for the lot of you. Here’s the link to the entry form. Of course this is in celebration of Merdeka and yes, Malaysians should unite and celebrate this auspicious occasion.

What Am I Doing on Merdeka Day?

Mt. Everest in Tibet

So what will I do during this Merdeka Day? I thought of joining the pre-Merdeka run to commence the glorious independence of Malaysians, but looks like instead I will be in Tibet and shouting Merdeka there. (So much for talking)

So darn weird…


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