Sarawak Cultural Village Visitation

Here’s the continuation of my Kuching visitation. Now where to next? Of course, it’s the Sarawak Cultural Village and one of their attractions is the cultural dance being held in the theater. Was lucky to go in early as I’ve gotten one of the good seat to sit on.

Dance Dance Dance!!!

In this dance show there is also a few scenes where volunteers are brought up the stage and one part of it is like the one below.

cut your hand if you dont follow what i say

So shall I cut your hand for my food later? No~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wonder what she’s smiling about when her hand is going to be cut off. Well, it’s a play after all. But mind you, the blade is really really sharp. Of course, in East Malaysia, when I visited both Sabah and Sarawak, it will not be enough if there is no blow pipe demonstration. One thing about it is that the one doing this is great at shooting from a long distance. There’s a balloon situated about 10 meters away and he shoots it successfully.

Blow Pipe Demonstration

What a guy!! Daniel The WEIRD ONE salutes.

Finally after all the cultural show, it’s time to go out and do some exploration on all the tribes and locals of Sarawak. Well, that’s why I came here. But bear in mind, if you’re not from East Malaysia, you have to pay RM60 to enter this cultural village. PAIN~~~ as in monetary issue. If you’re local, it’s RM45. If you’re student, it’s RM15.

Daniel Chew inside Sarawak Cultural Village

So where to next? Get to visit a few places like the Chinese Farm House, Malay House, Melanau Tall House or turn right to visit the Bidayuh Longhouse, Iban Longhouse, Penan Hut or the Orang Ulu Longhouse? Decisions, finally decision made, it’s time to go right.

First stop is Bidayuh Longhouse. How to go there? They’ve shown the way.

Daniel Chew on bamboo bridge

Have to go there by crossing the bridge, which they called the Bidayuh Bamboo Bridge. So got to pose. I look weird, it seems my neck is stretching. I have a longgggggggggggg neck.

Yen on bamboo bridge

Princess Yen got a better pose than me. Wahhhhh… nice.

Well, then onward till we reached our destination which is the Rumah Bidayuh. By the way ‘Rumah’ means House in English.

Rumah Bidayuh

Seems so normal? But wait till you look what’s inside.

I had my try on the rice grinding thingy, which I posed and it look absolutely fake. What did I meant by saying that?

Daniel Chew failed at grind rice

This was what I meant. Failed!!! Next person….

Princess Yen trying to grind rice

Ehh, lucky I was grinding the rice, Princess Yen was riding a bike on the grinder. Hehehe.. *ouch* I sensed a pinch

Rumah Iban

Finally next stop, The Rumah Iban. For the information, the Iban is the largest tribe in Sarawak encompassing about 85% of the people there. Well, they used to be a headhunter tribe until modern civilization came. Anyway let’s get to the current new tribe and visit. As it was raining a bit earlier, the sky was a bit dark. Thus we also ran as fast to the Iban House.

Princess Yen at iban house

The Iban Longhouse, Princess Yen in the middle of it. One can actually stay in this longhouse with a substantial amount of fee though. Shot with a 50mm and ISO about 800.

Well, longhouses doesn’t really look like that, but due to commercial purposes, had to be pleasing to the eyes. Where to next? Let’s visit some minor tribes which are the Penan.

Penan Hut

Since then, it’s the Penan Hut. Others have longhouses, but the Penan seems to just have a hut. What’s there though? How does a real Penan dresses?

Penan Man in the water

Yes, a Penan man setting rod for fish to be eaten. Such simple clothing. Wonders what will happen if I dressed up like that.

Sorry to disappoint though but there are more places to visit in Sarawak Cultural Village and yes, it will be covered shortly in the next post. Huh? That’s fast. Not really, just that I am tired and wanna sleep soon. Till the next one. By the way, do spread awareness of the beauty of nature and culture if you have it.


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