Adventure at Kuching with Dearest

Is time for Travel Malaysia series. Well, this time is all about the Cat City. Way back in 2009. Yes, I have so many backdated posts to do, from Tibet to Kuching to etc etc etc. Now let’s say hello to the GIANT WHITE CAT in Kuching City in Sarawak, East Malaysia.

Giving the cat the greetings is what one should do if they ever go to Kuching. Well, at least it shows you’re at Kuching. Might even bring you luck and after that you can fly back to Genting Highlands for a casino.

Unlike other times, this time, there would be more exploration of the outskirts of the capital city of Sarawak, visiting nature. Where to? Let’s head on to Fairy Cave.

Selamat Datang (Welcome) Fairy Cave is situated about 45 to 1 hour drive from Kuching town. Well, but where’s the cave? It’s free of charge. But unlike other caves, it’s also a bit creepy. Well, why do you supposed they call it the Fairy Cave?

Fairy Cave Entrance

The entrance to the cave is now safer to go in. With steps to go into the dark dark entrance. Now wait, how do I know all these things? As title suggests, all thanks to my dearest princess who brought me for some sightseeing. Well, considering that I am in a LDR (Long Distance Relationship), it wasn’t easy and I do get to travel here to meet her.

Once inside, one needs to take care of their body posture. For those taller than me, at times you have to bend your head lower to avoid banging your head against the walls of the cave. Look at the next photo for reference.

Steep Steps inside Fairy Cave

Once inside, I looked back at how to go back to the entrance, the steps are way steep and you need to balance yourself before going through the steps. Pity though, however I described it, can’t seem to tell you how it is based on a photo. So those of you planning to do some adventuring should try going there.

The wonders and how it looked inside is superbly wonderful. You’ll get to know why is it called Fairy Cave. There are other smaller entrances, but those places are deemed out of bounds to normal visitors.

Legend has it that it’s called Fairy Cave as there are Fairy that protect these places. Unlike the fairy tales where fairies look harmless and on the good side, the fairies portrayed her are not the same. They are the protector of the caves.

Inside Fairy Cave

Sometimes you would see remnants of offerings at certain part of the caves. It’s spooky at certain part of the cave. Well, the part further away from the light.

Of course, with me shooting all the way, Princess can’t seem to stand me.

Princess: “Oits… faster take photo then go up le!”

Me : Ahhh.. ok ok… sorry sorry! *shows pitiful face*

There are more steps and more steps to climb and after spending a few hours up there, it’s time to go back down.Here are some formation of the rocks at Fairy Cave close up.

Formation of Fairy Cave

Woah… beautiful and wonderfully creation of God. Just look at those structures.

Time to head out and time to take photos outside the entrance again.

Princess Yen under Giant Signboard

Just look at how big the signboard. Princess was amazed. Well, I was amazed too. What’s this signboard now?

Wind Cave Entrance with Princess Yen

It’s the entrance to the Wind Cave. Another cave to explore? That’s Me and Princess, lovely or not? As my tripod was broken, this photo was took with both of us posing at the welcome board. Then stitching it together once more. Now guessed what was stitched?

By the way, we didn’t get to explore Wind Cave as there wasn’t enough time. So where to next? It’s time to visit some other places.

Relaxing Green Color Scenery

Time for some feast for the eyes. To look at a scenery full of greens. Won’t you give anything to play in this pool of water? But but but… basically photography can really fool one’s eyes. Why? The water in fact was actually very murky. There are no fishes in it and the smell was terrible.

Anyway, it was a tiring day and what better way than to take photos with my dear, Princess Yen. I am so lucky to know you.

Camwhore At Kuching with Princess Yen

What will be our next adventure? Just stay tune! There are more to come. This blog is active once more.


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