Dropping By Cat City – Kuching

Small Talk
I a proud to be a Malaysian, but am not proud of certain things like this happened

I am a traveler, a blogger, a software developer, but most importantly I am Daniel Chew from Malaysia. The picture sums it all.

Thumbs Up Hainan

No no no.. I am not in Hainan Island now. LoL. Though I would love to visit there some day. As a matter of fact, I am in Kuching doing my rounds and for leisure and most importantly to visit dearest Yen who is currently there. Huh? What do I meant by saying that? You’ll get the picture of it slowly.

There are many places I visited in Kuching. Though that will have to wait for awhile. One thing I am glad is that while in Kuching, even though Yen was sick but she still brought me around Kuching. So “cham” for her that it has to happen. No trips to the beach were made.

I’ve always thought that Kuching is called for it’s name to mean Cat. Yes, in the Malay language, Kuching means cat, but somehow there was like a slight mistake when I saw this bizarre looking thing.

Dragon in Kuching

There’s a dragon in Kuching? Yen was so amazed at the big mouth of the dragon, she decided to do her own version. Hee… opps. But indeed the dragon thingy was really intriguing that I got to see it for myself. Why did Yen opened her mouth so big. I decided to have a closer look. What I saw was~~~~ something~~~ WEIRD!

Danielctw saw a dragon

The dragon has a big mouth but a small body. Looks more like a crocodile. What is it actually in fact? I’ve forgotten but I think it was an outlet for water to rush through. Hmmm… Yes, I know I look like a China tourist with that white hat. At least it protected my ears from the sun rays.

I was a fan of old Malaya history during my secondary school days that I took part in History quizzes for my class. Yes, I was interested in History!!! (Actually cause I didn’t want to lose to my school friend in terms of subjects LOL) Coming to Kuching reminds me of the name Brooke. Definitely not Brooke Shields, but James Brooke, Charles Brooke and Charles Vyner Brooke. Though amazingly something else caught my eye, just so happens on a very special day and date, Charles Brooke was declared the 2nd Rajah of Sarawak.

Charles Brooke and DanielCtw

Yup, it’s 3rd August. Woo hoo, what date is that? Don’t tell me you didn’t know! So now you know, remember it for the coming years. Anyway the place where they put this memorial is so freaking nice, I just had to take photos. Though there is one thing which caught my attention the most. This thing seems to have magical powers that it made both of us do some funny poses.

Magical Pole of Pose

The Look Elsewhere Pose and The One Leg Bunny Pose

I think this totem or pole is magical.

All this places I visited during the first day in Kuching. I must say one big experience for me is to sit on a small boat to the other side of the river, where one can arrive at the fort. What boat? The boat ride only cost like 40 or 50 cents.

Boat to Opposite of River

Philosophy Time
Well in this world, there are lots of things. Sometimes we feel trapped in our minds, as in there are many things to understand, to know and as though we’re trapped in a colorless world of Black and White. We yearn to go out and of this cage, to escape from it. What made me thought of this was the way I suddenly looked at this photo. It’s like 2 different world.

Well, guessed it’s a little bit late for me to stay up this late. I am having problems with my social/working life right now. Can’t sleep like I used to, and trying to gain back the lost weight (5kg) from the trip up in Tibet. Some of you might have been waiting for those photos, just wait till I get the whole photos from my friend’s laptop.

Must be wondering how I spent the night at Kuching. Think no more. Here’s the answer.

Tune Hotels



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