ShoutOuters Curve Gathering

Hey, the Shouters from ShoutOut are back on their recent outing. This time with it’s focus on Kuala Lumpur. Well, we’re in the curve, in case you’ve forgotten about the previous sneak preview. Well, our top performer for the day goes to Devince a.k.a Ricky Tan for crying and showing the true emotions of singing.

The Lonely Devince

Wait…. was he really singing? Or was he crying out loud because the two girls in the background couldn’t care less. Who are the other two?? Well, you’ve got to sit down, relax and don’t rush. Now, who ask you to miss it, cannot see both of them already. hehehehe….

The theme for the gathering was love and we’re supposed to wear something red or anything to do with red! Well, surprisingly I was expecting more than 10. Well, good number nonetheless. So the Red Group!!

The Red Theme Love Group

The Red Fellas! Imagine this, red red red all over and we’re singing in Red Box. Well, kinda lame explanation. =.=” Know anyone in the photo? Well, the whole introduction will be told out later. So what do we call the other group of shouters, we call them The Others!! 😛


Can POSE can?? The best pose goes to the guy on the right? Our Mr Singer of the Day, Aaron!!! Well, you were wondering who were the 2 lovely ladies that Devince was crying for, 😛 well, here they are.

LoveLy Girls

Sweet leh.. hehe… fast fast want to know them, please bribe me. LOL.. Well, they’re Anna and Angeline. Both names begin with ‘A’. Well, Anna’s our singing queen that day too. Ehh.. come to think of it, Aaron also begins with the alphabet ‘A’. *sweats*

But then all gatherings wouldn’t be called a gathering without a group shot, wouldn’t it? Well, since I didn’t really had the camera with me to take the group photo, and Hugo was there, well, he took the group photo and all credits goes to him.

Hugo’s Family Photo
Top (from left) : Aaron, Devince, Hugo,Ichitaka
Bottom (from left) : Firewire, Anna, Angeline, Tomagogame, ME

We had a wonderful time singing songs. The funniest is when we put on hokkien(chinese dialect) songs that we all had fun singing in a group. LOL!!

Was That All?? Seriously NO!!

The Heroes

OMG!!! What are they doing? And who’s the guy in PINK??? Stay Tune!!


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