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Black Sleeve Shirt

If you guys know me, I am hardly someone who dresses according to the trend.

Yes, I am sometimes very old fashioned in terms of clothes and dress sense. Well, welcome to my youth time, when center parting on the hair was a thing to be admired and an IN thing.

Lately though, starting to get a bit trendy as life is ever changing. I realized I need to be somewhat different from what I used to be. Though getting to be one is also kinda hard. At least I made a point to dress a bit different from what I used to.

Now being trendy is also not just mixing and blending in with the crowd. I find that it’s also an important thing to blend well with your working life. Working has brought me to wearing more formal clothes which I haven’t been wearing since my times in college. I guessed I need to browse through some long sleeve shirts at Cavender’s western wear. Well, not to say that I won’t be trying others, but everyone starts at a certain place.

One shirt I really love is this black long sleeve shirt. Looks so mature and stylish. I have too much shirts with other colors, guessed it’s time for me to get a black one then. Yes, it’s the shirt on the RIGHT!!


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