Love me Love my Diet


Small Talk – Overheard in a coffee shop
If Indians have Hindraf!
Chinese would have BankDraft!
Malays would have overdraft!

Why do you always want to starve
When Food is always abundant
Don’t just always laugh
And stand there redundant

Turtle Alone

Alas, tell me, am I fit to be me
Why does it pain so much to be me
When all the time people just want to be me
But I can’t seem to stop eating maggi mee
After what you said to me
I felt that enough is enough for me

My Motto Turtle

I will have to carry on this tag
Not just put it in my bag
Caused I scared of you to nag
My dog does better at least his tail wag

Dang, I just have to share!


  1. Angeline January 22, 2008
  2. danielctw January 23, 2008

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