Traffic Jam Jalan Hang Tuah

Road works in my working area. It’s depressing. I need to find an alternative road to go back. Yes, with this traffic problem in Jalan Hang Tuah, it’s really gonna create lotsa traffic along my office road.

Why close? Well, so called to build a flyover from one road to another road. So called to finish in August 2008, but as usual I don’t expect them to finish around this time. Maybe longer.

Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur akan membina satu jejambat (overpass) 4 lorong dua hala menyambung Jalan Hang Tuah ke Jalan Dewan Bahasa merentangi Persimpangan Jalan Dewan Bahasa / Jalan Hang Tuah / Jalan Loke Yew / Jalan Maharajalela.

Jejambat ini apabila siap kelak akan mewujudkan laluan berterusan bagi kenderaan dari Jalan Dewan Bahasa menuju ke Jalan Hang Tuah dan sebaliknya tanpa melalui persimpangan berlampu isyarat Jalan Hang Tuah / Jalan Dewan Bahasa / Jalan Maharajalela / Jalan Loke Yew.


No more driving during lunch time to find food to eat. Looks like I have to make do with the boring food around here or just wait for McDonalds to deliver my meals during lunch time. Noooooooooooooo!! If you see me not updating any post, is either I am stuck with mundane food or I’ve already died of boredom.


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