Hang Tuah – Taming Sari

Finally history has been brought upon once again. My first article for this blog was upon the origins of Hang Tuah. Well, it wasn’t for that purpose to enquire what are his origins and where he comes from. It’s more to like why the heck that the education sector is taking the study on Hang Tuah out from the Malaysian history text books? Anyway that’s another story. To read more of my this article, refer HERE.

Since we’re talking about Hang Tuah, why not create a sequel to it. What was Hang Tuah (Hang Tiew/Too Ah)’s favourite and legendary weapon? It was a ‘keris’ (kris as pronounced in the English spelling), a miniature sword which it’s edges not straight but crooked. Those are the days when fighting and war was more into hand skills and techniques.

Comparing to our now way of fighting which are espionage, bombs & more bombs…boring…

Anyway back to topic, the kris for Hang Tuah (for simplicity purpose I’ll use Hang Tuah as Hang Tuah) was like what made him invincible through out his adventures. Well, his kris wasn’t just any ordinary kris, even had a name for it. The legendary “Taming Sari“.

Few facts and legends of Taming Sari

1. Taming Sari, classified as keris kuasa or bawar, is made of an alloy of 20 metal composites, some said to come from bolts holding Mecca’s Holy Kaabah gates.

2. It was said that Taming Sari could do Hang Tuah’s fighting for him – if Hang Tuah were menaced or in any way endangered, the keris would leap out of its sheath all by itself, fly through the air and attack the assailant, moving in the air whichever way the assailant dodged or turned, until it hit its mark.

3. The whole of the sampir and batang are covered in gold leaf, making it a keris gabus or keris terapang.

Funny though, during my primary school years which was in the 90s, the legendary Taming Sari was said to be thrown by Hang Tuah into the river and was never been found again. I was like shocked when I decided to research on Hang Tuah once again to find out whatever about him and maybe his special kris. It appears that somehow history have to be changed and it seems that the kris was recovered by Tun Mamat for the safekeeping for the sultan.

One of the legends and specialty of the Taming Sari was that it has it’s own natural powers. Like a flying dagger you see in movies. It can auto block, auto counter. Legend?? Fact or fiction?? Go figure..

The Famous Taming Sari


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