Monkey Here Monkey There

Why do we monkey around? Haha… the name monkey reminds me of Monkey Wong though and his drawings. But but but, we’re not talking about this type of monkey right now. We’re talking about real monkeys. Life monkeys that are not so timid they can come real close to you.

Monkeys that are exposed to public doesn’t seem to be afraid of people. You can witness this in Batu Caves and also in Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor. Yes, the pictures you are about to see might spell doom for those afraid of monkeys suddenly climbing all over you in your nightmare.

Monkey Infestation

Call it an infestation of monkeys but they are just everywhere, but what are they looking out for?? The pretty girl? The food? Or because they’re all camera shy!! Nevertheless when my hand has food they’ll still look here.

The Posing Monkey

Ok ok!!! I get the point. Don’t need to go all monkey over it. Sheeeesh….. monkeys are really greedy. What the heck monkey, stop making anymore noise. But then the monkey pose really got me thinking, why not try a similar pose.


Monkey Pose Lookalike

See see…. hehehe… runz…..

So anyone wants to know where the above place is. It’s definitely at Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor


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