Petrol Drop 10 cents 25th Sept 2008

Lo and behold, the petrol price in Malaysia is going to go down for tomorrow which is 25th September 2008 as in there will be more subsidies for the drivers and riders in Malaysia. Guess what though, it’ll be an astounding RM0.10 less. So the petrol price is RM2.45 now for tomorrow instead of RM2.55 and there are few things that will be going on today.

Crazy Cars Pump

The petrol kiosk is going to be out of business today while everyone will be waiting for 12am for the petrol price to drop then pump his or her vehicle to the max. So expect very busy congestions at night around 11:45pm.

Why did the petrol price go down and why only 10 cents, here’s the quote from the television.

“Pak Lah said can’t go down too much due to Petronas would be losing as the crude oil price goes down.

In a way, it’s logical but well, a subsidy is still a subsidy. By the way here’s the news in some Chinese websites that I couldn’t get the link. If you can read Chinese, here are some more information to the pricing of diesel and the rest.



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