Cameron Highlands again

OK So I went to Cameron Highlands again after 1 month. Well, this was a different thing though, went with my parents and cousins. Especially yay…more photos for me to take. More photographs. Man….I just love taking photos…but dang…I was doing my work up in the highlands too.

What’s different from the previous cameron trip is that I am staying in Tanah Rata now instead of Brinchang. It’s been like 5 years since I stayed in Tanah Rata. Well, got myself into an apartment which was my aunt’s. Kinda bored as there’s no night market in Tanah Rata unlike Brinchang.

Here’s some photoshot I took.

The Lata Iskandar Waterfall before Tanah Rata

One thing though, going up to Cameron’s using the old way, one gets to see the waterfall there. Using the new way by the Simpang Pulai road, the road may be wider but you’ll missed the waterfall. So here’s more of the shots.

The wonders of the waterfall

One thing common in the highlands is that they have those trees like those Christmas trees. Or rather like those fig trees. Here’s a close photoshot after a few rain drops.

Spider webs and dew

The scenery view up in the highlands. Well, it’s there for a purpose. I mean who can ever not resist from taking photos and beautiful sceneries.

The clouds are above it all

Here you see the clouds are there…everywhere, well I could say on the same level. Well, the cool weather and the clear sky. What more can one asked. Well, more food. So I just have to get one photoshoot of myself in the highlands. Here’s a rare shot of me.

Must pose one for the camera

Till then, when I do travel again, I will post more photos of my travels. Maybe I should group my posts too. Adios, Buenos Dias, sayonara and good bye. Ciao dudez!


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