Higher Alexa Rankings

AlexaIt looks like it’s time to brief up about how to beef up your Alexa Rankings. Why?

There are few people ask me how the heck to get their Alexa Rankings go up and sky high?

Well, here is a pointer for you guys and gals out there. Also applicable for those doing PPP. =P

Steps you need to take!

  1. Get an Alexa Toolbar and start surfing your own sites.
  2. Get your friends and mates to install it too.
  3. Write an article assuming to be a webmaster.
  4. Yes, write something worthy to be noted for people to come back and read it for references.

These are just a few steps to help boost a little of your alexa rankings. Happy browsing and learning, and NOOO… this is NOT a Sponsored Post. I don’t get paid anything for writing this!

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  1. Aldo Luzell November 23, 2010

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