PayPal still pending

Paypal errors part 2
Looks like paypal is still under progress. As to some of the replies being given, the error would only be fixed from June onwards. So what will happen?? What if those who have pending payments from May 8? The duration for one payment is at least 1 month to accept or to deny.

Now, if the error is still going on until after the pending date, what will happen to those payments? Will paypal be able to compensate for this error? I sure do hope so or some of us might lose thousands or hundreds.

So paypal users out there without a US bank account, if you still have this problem, voice out so that we can be heard.


  1. Nastasshea@Nesh May 25, 2007
  2. AceOne118 May 25, 2007
  3. danielctw May 26, 2007

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