Paypal Can’t Received Payment

It’s kinda weird and frus
Ok, looks like the whole world now is facing a crisis. Ok, not really the whole world but the internet whole world. I am sure that most of you know what is PayPal rite?

The problem is that other than those who have a US bank account, the rest of the world is currently on the lurch of how to accept their pending payment and maybe missed the payment altogether. It’s a sad thing.

Here’s some insight as to what has this problem caused to millions of users worldwide.

Non US seller cannot accept payments *Read*

Paypal need to add US bank account *Read*

Altogether I’ve wrote to PayPal regarding this issue. Here was the response I got!

Dear danielctw,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns. We
apologize for the delay in responding to your service request. I am
happy to assist you further.

The problem of Malaysian users need to add a US bank account when
accepting payments is under fixing at the moment. Due to it is a
complex technical problem, please allow few more days to resolve this

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience has caused and much
appreciate for your patience and understanding regarding this matter,
and wish you continued success on PayPal.

Ok, this reply was actually the second reply I got from them. The first one was them telling me it was a temporary glitch. Now, from some other sites I visited, it was said that this problem would only be fixed by the starting of June. HELLO!!! The system is not accessible for accepting payment since 9th May. If everything is not done before 9th June, then can say bye bye to your pending payments. I wonder how PayPal is gonna compensate though.

For now, let’s all keep our fingers crossed!


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