Poetry – In Front Of My Workspace

Current Daniel's Workspace

Ahhhhhh My Workspace
Why do you face me all the time
Seeing you everyday makes me pain
Makes me grief for the work you show
Makes me wonder why is it so

Ahhhhhh My Workspace
Everytime I wake up
I dread to go and meet you
Seeing you makes me give up
Cause all the task from you

Why Oh Why
Kanasai Pangsai Jiaksai
At least it’s not Microsoft Cibai
Dont know why Microsoft think what
All also must put hokkien what

Mircrosoft Cibai

So now I work from 9 to 5
But actually work from 10 to 7
Siao liao I am going to go crazy
Must be that influence blogger crazywrazy

Ahh My Workspace
I am so glad I got my Hero
Now no need to see you
When I think until my mind go zero
Then finally I can finally forget you


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