Weird Photo Stuffs

Here I am taking some weird photos. Well at first wasn’t supposed to be weird, but then looking back at some photos taken, just decided it was Weird.

Fingers of Death

I was wondering, wow didn’t know I could have gotten those shots. Really look like fingers Haha… but then in the misty night, I found some thing funny and weird too.

A ghostly area

Welcome to the spooky world. Well, this shot was done by accident. Playing with slow shutter, I captured the empty grass land lot with a sign for reserved lot on top of it. Well as I didn’t zoom right in, it looks like a grave or sort of an empty cross in the middle of nowhere. Kinda spooky if you tell me. Did made my baby cousin jumped showing this photo HEHEHE…

Antennas or Antlers?

Walking around the hill sides, I found a very nice shape of things. That I decided to snap a few shots. Then a group of people walking along thought what was I shooting at. Then they say, “’s only something ordinary!” Darn right it’s ordinary, but from ordinary can produce something magnificent. BUAHAHAHA…

OK till my next excapade. Adios. Buenos Dias.


  1. LouYea December 20, 2006
  2. AceOne December 21, 2006

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