Halal Bak Kut Teh

Practically if you got to this site trying to find resources about halal bak kut teh, I think you will never get to see it. Well, there’s always Mok Kut Teh. For some that doesn’t know what’s bak kut teh though, read on. A conversation I had with my friend here, Kyuzo.

Kyuzo says: wassup, kakaka
danielctw says: soup
Kyuzo says: pig sup today
danielctw says: crazy jo
Kyuzo says: aka bah kut teh
danielctw says: lol…
Kyuzo says: non halal
danielctw says: got halal pork or not?
danielctw says: i want eat halal port
danielctw says: pork*
Kyuzo says: dunno, u go ask a malay if got halal pork
danielctw says: hmm maybe i should

If you’re think you’re offended, then don’t bother reading. Well if you think it’s lame, then yes, I agree with you it’s lame, as lame as this post


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