The Master of Kau Lui

Sometimes talking to the person of the opposite sex relies on skills. Sometimes it comes natural to someone. Other times, it’s just a practice. Well, there’s one thing though, not everyone has this natural skills, has this talent or so called ability. But one thing I do know is that, when one does not fight towards it’s goal, will not be able to find it.

Here’s one quote from a blogger TiuNiaSing who sums it all up. Well, here’s part of it.

9:36:53 AM Tiuniasing :: that’s why la… no target somemore say kao mm dou pulak!!
9:37:39 AM Mang Sao :: 🙁
9:37:52 AM Mang Sao :: all taken liow
9:37:56 AM Mang Sao :: all got bf liow
9:38:21 AM Tiuniasing :: see.. you like that say ah, forever also no girl to kao la.
9:38:38 AM Mang Sao :: what should i do ??
9:38:43 AM Tiuniasing :: taken… go and kao.. fail also nevermind, take it as a lesson.
9:38:51 AM Mang Sao :: tq sifu
9:39:09 AM Tiuniasing :: that’s how you become a better kao lui wong
9:39:23 AM Mang Sao :: i will remember what u say
9:39:49 AM Tiuniasing :: if not.. until you old, you also dunno how to kao lui!! because you never try…
9:40:23 AM Tiuniasing :: unfortunately.. you have nowhere to learn kao lui. you kenot take a kao lui course… no such thing.
9:40:37 AM Tiuniasing :: so the only thing that you can learn is thru experience.
9:42:27 AM Mang Sao :: well said

From the above points, sometimes I kinda agree on a few stuffs this guy says.
For the full talk you may visit the masterpiece Link taken Down!!


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