Playing With a FullHouse?

It was a hot sunny afternoon towards evening. DanielCtw was hungry, someone else was hungry too. But more importantly we were hungry and feeling hot from the hot sunny weather. Then we found a sanctuary, a place where we sort of can sit down and relax from the hot weather, but unexpectedly it was still hot. Guessed what did dear Yen did? 😛

Hot Hot Yen

So which is hotter? That’s for me to know 😛

But strange, what do people do in this place? There must be food served here I guessed. So we both waited for our food to arrive, or rather so called appetizer. Is not like we were super hungry, and along came the measly meal.

Food Is Served

Err… not as appetizing from the photos, but nevertheless still wallop the whole food thingy. But just as I was going to finish, dear dear went missing. Where is she? What happened?

Behind The Bed

I was looking up and down, around the place, looking for the place where she would hide? But little did I know, the answer lies just behind me. The whole place was fully white, my eyes went whitish from seeing everything white, until I saw a different color in the midst of all the whiteness.

White Dear Yen on Bed

Dear Dear was all the while sitting by the bed like a princess, while I was looking beyond it. It was like a fairy tale. Finding her was done but she still hadn’t finish with all the fun yet. Until she does this….

Big Specs

Surprisingly there are many things one can try in this place. I was thinking, what a magical place. So many things to do, so many items to try.


*snapped out of dream*

Woahhh~~~ where was I? Ahhh… dreaming too much of dear. Until become fairy tale like. By the way, still haven’t figured out where this place is?

FullHouse Atria Main Entrance

It’s none other than Fullhouse in Niu Ze Xui, Ara Damansara. Yes, sometimes one can dream while in this place. Especially when approaching night time with all the lights on. The place gives one a feeling that it is a welcomed place, and at times one have to reserve early to be able to dine here.

The Interior Design

Here’s how the interior looks like on the top floor. Mind you, most of the shirts, blouse are for sale. Imported products. I was tempted at one go. Is this the end of the story? What say you?

The next picture summarizes it all. Till next time ya…

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ps : I love this angle.

Sidenote : Story was created for reading purpose. In no way does it affect reality.


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