Selecting Host Provider

One good thing about blogging, you get to have your very own domain. Yes, blogger gives you the function to point your domain name to your blogspot address. So means any incoming traffic to your blogspot, will directly point to your selected domain name. But then the problem is, what if I wanted something else other than that and something which I have full control on, such as the database and stuffs.

Yes, getting a host for your blog is what I am talking about. We all know that getting your own host, is somehow a bit expensive for students but if you think of it in a long run, it helps provide easy access. Well, those that have other plans in the hosting, can also think of instead using mySQL all the time, why not try msSQL instead. Well, talking about different hosting, there are basically two different types, one hosted on a linux operating system and the other is on Windows environment. I must say if you wanted to get cheap host then go for the linux option.

Of course it would have been better if one can choose the criteria for a host. I guessed it’s up to the person to find their web hosting choice, and personally criterias are there for a reason. Well, some pointers you can take from me is when you’re looking for a hosting provider, always check out the bandwidth limit, disk space size and also the uptime. Imagine hosting on a server which goes down most of the time. *sweats*.

If you truly need more answers to more hosting problems, one place I can recommend you is I know, cause I ain’t an expert yet.

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