Star Wars 7 Parody

News have spread that Lucas Film is going to stop directing and producing the Star Wars cinematics series.
In due respect, certain producers are helping out with potraying Star Wars. Whatever happened to Darth Vader? Did he really die in the last episode of Star Wars?
After hours of searching, we’ve finally found Darth Vader. In Japan…

Scene 1: Darth Vader arrives in an unknown location in Japan. The 3 policeman surrounding Darth Vader were shocked. How are they going to face this immortal being.
Scene 2: With unlikely any other way, one of the police took out his gun to take aim on Darth Vader. Sensing something amiss, Darth Vader took out his hand Matrix style. More like saying. “Be still you scumbag!” What will happen to Darth Vader?
Scene 3: “You have no power over me”, Darth Vader so called claim. With his psychic powers, the guns of the police force are no match for him. What will become of the police force? Will evil once again triumph. How will it all end?

To catch up on this story, I have found the hidden camera of the building. Check it out for the scenic ending.

Darth Vader vs The Police Trio

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