Manchester United vs Chelsea Viewing Party

Woots…. this Sunday will be Liverpool vs Manchester United viewing party…. wheee……

Liverpool vs Manchester United Torres

Time to see Torres trashed the Red Devils. Ehhhh.. wait??? Not this Sunday ah? Aiyoyo. Looks like I was wrong. This Saturday is to see how Manchester United loses to Chelsea instead. *evil grins*

My mistake. The true story is that Chelsea vs MU viewing party will be at Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya and I guessed this time I will go in as a Chelsea fan. Yes yes.. I am biased.

Then I can see Drogba starting to score once again in front of the largest TV screen in South East Asia. Of course for those that wants to catch up with the latest Man Utd news before the match day can go to Everyone Connects website (website decommissioned). I wonder looks like there will be so many things for Manchester United fans it’ll be great if I was actually a MU fan.

Everyone Connects
Everyone Connects Website is so Cute. Superbly cute.

You are all so lucky to have a place to post your comments and feedback of the game at Everyone Connects website again. They have a Kopitiam section.

So it was a Manchester United vs Chelsea instead.

Drogba vs Giggs

Here’s looking at how Drogba will most likely be in action against Man Utd. Go go go Drogba!!

Of course, there’s something new for you people. On that day there will be a TM booth. If you were to sign up for any of TM products or services (Streamyx, uNifi), you will get exclusive TM Man United merchandise and also FAN ZONE seats.
Another step you can take is to like the Everyone Connects FB page here and then you’ll be able to get a cool EC (Everyone Connects) wristband at the TM Booth. Fuiyoh.. of course I think it’ll be while stock last. So hurry.
Of course then Manchester United fans can now be like this people. Heads on for Rooney. Wahahaha!!
So do remember to go for the viewing party this Sunday to catch up on how will Manchester United fare against Chelsea. Will they do enough to knock Arsenal out of first place?


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