Windows SSH with Linux

For those of you that don’t know, I am mighty sure some of you know that I am doing programming in Java. Yes, and because of that, I have to get used to using Linux as the server (host) since it’s definitely cheaper than a Windows environment server. Of course PHP programmers would definitely face the same thing like me too.

From here onwards, that’s where all the complications come in. Unlike Windows Explorer File systems, to connect to their file systems, I need to find a pretty good SSH application to make it sort of windows based drag and drop.

Huh? Yes, in computer terms, it’s only possible to send files through the same port, so that’s where SFTP comes in. Now anyone can connect to a linux environment using these clients. One of them recommended is the Pragma Systems SFTP client. Well, one reason for choosing your SFTP client is to make sure it’s security is secure. So far so good, this client software focused on providing the most secure, fast, scalable, and reliable solutions for telnet and ssh connectivity needs.

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