Tribute to Pet Dog Joji

the talk about his doggie super canine *cute leh*
Somehow I need to rekindle my pet along with my bloggie. Well, most of you might have known he’s called Joji as in ‘joe-G’. Yeah… that’s how one should pronounce it.

Seems like my dog has gone a little fat from pampering by my aunties and uncle coming to my house feeding it. Haihz…no wonder he’s so fat. Well not until obese though. But I wished I could just go back home early, and play with Joji. He’s absolutely lonely since my other dog Chiko ran out of the house and was abducted by someone else.

Joji is kinda peculiar, he’s the obedient type. I don’t even need a leash when bringing him out for walks. Somehow he’ll just remain very close to my family. What more, it’s funny when you see him making pitiful doggie sounds when thunder and lightning arrives. Calling out wanting to go into the house =.=”.

Now he’s 7 years human age, that makes him
7 x 7 = 49 years old.

That’s so fast T_T. I should play with him more before I regret not doing something like that. Most of you who have pets would realised how important your pet is and feels like part of the family.

So this post is especially dedicated to my dog and loyal friend Joji. So are the pictures of him eating chicken bones. He can smell one right away when we’re having chicken for lunch or dinner. He’ll just wait for us to come with the bones.


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