My Casio Exilim Shots

I am hungry now

Sometimes it pays to be an avid photographer but the times it takes for someone to take a nice view of a certain object needs lotsa experience. I myself am lacking on it and still learning. Well, there’s pretty lots to learn.

After deciding that I wouldn’t have any more trips for this month, I think why not just take pictures on the surroundings. How about my little mobile phone. Hahaha…

Anyway is been awhile since I’ve cleaned up my room. Well even my study desk looks kinda office like cubicle table. What The Heck, is practically the same table design as my office one.

Sometimes people come and go and prefer looking at paintings, so why not a painting… ya… why not? My rooms’ a mess. hahaha…well it’s the typical bachelors room. I mean the so called organized mess.

But walking thru the nite, with my hands a little bit shaky, I tried to capture a nite scene which without a stand. Well, especially when the wind is blowing and with slow shutter…Man….. that’s the best I can do.

Anyway since I have pretty much to do, why not we all go for some guessing game and be able to guess what this is? THere are clues alright, so it all matters as to who got it right first.

Eating is believing how to eat. – danielctw


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