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5 Great Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyes

As one of your five senses, your eyesight (and your eyes in general!) are vital. You depend on your eyes to see and navigate the world around you. You need to take care of them. Taking care of your eyes is a bonus when traveling as you get …

No Traveling During Covid-19: How?

The spread of coronavirus has prompted different countries around the world to require their citizens to stay at home. The coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that doesn’t always come with visible symptoms. And although staying at home can keep you safe from the virus, this kind of …

When to Buy a House or Property?

After the 13th General Election in Malaysia, the people has given their say. Their thoughts have came out and one of the concern is the inflated prices of property. Will the Malaysian government listen to the pleas of the people?

Protect Yourself While Traveling

It is a great thing to be traveling and wandering, but it is also a good thing to get yourself protected by insuring yourself. Getting a proper insurance is what matters when traveling to other countries. Here are some reasons to buy travel insurance.

Photo Using Sharp Lens

Taking photos nowadays is not about how well you position yourself and take at a certain angle. You can say it that way, but put another photographer with better lens on and if they take the same angle like one did, whose photo would turn out nicer? The …

Challenges in Life

Life is always a challenge. Many people have different ways of looking at life. Life is never easy, people who take it too easy is either lazy or just have no goals in their life. As we grow older, we have responsibilities and this instill challenges in us.

Blogging, Life and Worries

Sometimes life is not easy, at times we can turn a blind eye but at times we have to catch the deepest meaning of life. What does one want from it? Life as in real life is full of stress. Blogging is not just about making money. So …