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Sarawak Laksa drools

I am now hungry. So hungry I wished i could eat the whole mountain of food. But with limited budget I can only eat this. Sarawak Laksa Special was what I had for my dinner.. nice or not. Where is it located? It’s just ...Read More

Little Vietnam Not So Little

Small Talk Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for Business Owners to earn more $$$$$$. Don’t you think so? Haven’t been food hunting for awhile ever since I hardly contact the food hunters, so thus it’s time for me to start moving about and ...Read More

Korean Kimchi Hungy

A few weeks back, I tried my second helping on the same Korean restaurant I had my dinner. Yes, where else to eat authentic or maybe Korean made food other than the place in Ampang opposite Ampang Point. One of the finer points of ...Read More

Fancy A Bathroom

My bathroom is playing tricks with me again. It’s leaking at the base of the floor on the second floor. Now there’s a wet area on the ceiling in the dining room. Sometimes I wished that I could change the who bathroom again. Well, ...Read More