I had enough, please don’t force me. So now I have to come up with a new characteristics. 1) Your height have to reach my ear.2) You must not react too much.3) Quite famous and knows how to entertain.4) Look nice in pink.5) Have ...Read More

Redang – Part 1

Pulau Redang, island of Peninsular Malaysia. Located at the east coast, thus outlining the South China Sea. OK..stop the poetic intro. Went to Redang Island last week from 17th May to 21st May. Well as I am still keeping my finger cross when can ...Read More

Back – The Lazy Doggie

I will Kill You All So I know, I am quite lazy to write my just updates that I was back from Redang. Well that’s Redang Island located at Terengganu, East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. So then have a look at my so called ...Read More

Working In a Dream??

This has got to be one of the weirdest dream I ever had. Well not really weird, but weird for the lot of you guys/gals. Why leh? Cause I’ve been dreaming as to how to solve my work problems, and all this is done ...Read More

Dancing Diva

Return of the Dancing Diva. What am I talking about? Who else…of coz it’s Jolin or for those that can read Chinese characters. 蔡依林 The long wait for her latest album has finally ended. It’s already out after bearing myself by hearing her songs ...Read More

Beach Side Fever

Ya…so I’ve been to PD just few weeks ago. Well betcha’ u don’t know how the hell why everyone says PD is dirty as ever and the beach is so polluted no one ever goes into the sea. WHAT?????PD, to me is the cheapest ...Read More

The Destiny

OK I found out some old poetry that I wrote long time back. So I decided to post it here. Wonder whether one understands it.—————————————————————————————————————————————— Nearby the seasideBeneath the sunlightI see a beam of hopeFlowing thru me What was I to do for myself?What ...Read More

Hectic Life Made Easy

Yes, my life is hectic. Is pretty hectic till I am crazy so that’s why I take time off to write in my blog. What else dude. So here’s what I will be doing and show and tell today.——————————————————————————————————————————————- Anyway today I am bloody ...Read More

Love That Crunch!

Here I am sitting on my Desk Waiting for lunch time to come Wondering why do I feel so bored and tired Having a look at my cup It say’s Love that Crunch! Love that Crunch! You got to Love that Crunch! Is the ...Read More