Some old Classic Lame Jokes

This joke was told to me by someone with the exception of the extra stuffs I put in here. Well, so I am here to share it.————————————————————————————————danielctw: What stays underground and eat rocks?Sor Jai: Err..Worm??danielctw: Wrong. It’s a rock eating monsterSor Jai: WTF! Like ...Read More

The story of the Weird Man

Once there was a man. He wasn’t weird, he was just a man. This man was walking down the road. Then he saw something out of the ordinary. So then he saw something weird. Then finally he became a weird man. THE END. ...Read More

Stupid Created Weird Story

One day Char Kuey Teow said he’s bored. Then he went find his fren Siu Long Bao for dinner. But then Siu Long Bao that day already find his girl friend, Yip Chi Mei Dai Bao.So Char Kuey Teow already give up want find ...Read More

Hungry For Steamboat

Haha..I guess it’s time I talked about the food I’ve ever eaten which taste great. I mean…some of you know my size, but the amount of food I consume is HEHE.. lots. Sidenote: I love buffet style dinner if it’s abalone, oyster,etc. (Sorry! Got ...Read More

Just can’t stop dreaming Weird

I believe that my dreams are telling me something, that is to not play around but focus on doing something you like and always been dreaming of. Funny though is that now no more those Adventure dreams where I used to be some assassin, ...Read More

I Think of Work Too Much

Hmm…I think the whole morning I was spending time thinking of my work. How to finished doing this module and that module. Why do I say so? I was driving the car sending my brother to college, then on the way driving, I was ...Read More

A song While Working

Haha…office. Yes..I am sitting in my cubicle waiting for things to go through my life, wondering when the clock will reach 6 today. Then I browsed thru the internet and I found a meaningful (yeah sort of) song which somehow depicts my working life. ...Read More

The Lovable Guy

What should a guy do when he’s faced with this scenario? 1) Many girls go after him, but the guy has no feelings for either one of them. What would be the so-called solution? To choose the best one? To choose the one he ...Read More

Weird Realistic Dream

A dream that seems to be what you wanted to think.Well I had this weird dream that was supposed to think it happened. Either I was transfixed out of my body or was sleep walking. I don’t get it. I wwas dreaming my instructor ...Read More