The Awakening AceOne *Part 2*

Something I wrote when I felt bored of doing workI have changed the format for easy visibility.This story is fiction. Names mentioned here which links to anyone are purely co-incidental. —————————————————————————————————————————————CONTINUED From Previous Episode… AceOne: “Damn, I am supposed to be a guy! I ...Read More

The Funny Guy Name AceOne

AceOne, famous for his antics in creating jokes is gonna get his share of the joke. One day while sitting in front of his lappie surfing porn.“Aiyoh, why the line down one…What The Crap?? $%^$&^#$%#@” Knock! Knock!“Who’s there?” No answer came from the other ...Read More

Jolin’s New Album

Jolin is back with a new album. I think her songs are what made me able to continue working. Her new songs definitely rocks. I mean, I am not sleepy now. Jolin Definitely Rox Here’s the new song album. Jolin Jolin Jolin???? inclusive of ...Read More

My Trips in Jakarta

1st Day——–First impression… roads, but wait until I am out of the highway, OMG…the cars…there are lots and lots of them. Makes me feel ..argh I am stuck in LDP highway. First night was pretty darn free and easy. Anyway I’ve created a part ...Read More

Jokes to Keep Me Entertain

Nothing beats from having some stupid funny jokes to relieve me from work for awhile. So thought I share them with you. This is what happens in a confession room.————————————————————————————————girl (g ): bless me father for i have sinnedpriest (p ): what have you ...Read More

Sometimes Love Kills

Nowadays is pretty common to hear people say “I Love You”. Yes, it’s a very pleasant word to hear and to tell, but then it seems the meaning of it is pretty much different compare to the times when saying these words are more ...Read More

A picture that I will Remember

The Day Of The Turtle Though I hardly see you anymore, online, offline, public, etc.. There’s this picture I will forever keep as a lasting impression. Thank you for the time when I first knew. This picture started my liking for turtle. Once again, ...Read More