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I Missed Perth

I really missed being in Perth. The place where I met with my godsister, a friend and also a shouter. Well, I am still saving up for a trip back there, and maybe thinking of finding a holiday and if the opportunity is given, ...Read More

Perth IV – Finale

Here are the other Perth Travel Logs Perth Part I – Clouds Perth Part II – Journey Perth Part III – Park Looks like another final installment. Yes!!! There are still people who can’t get enough of it. So… here’s the final post. Who ...Read More

Perth III – Park

Yes, it’s the continuation of the Perth experience. For those that miss the previous posts, here are the links below. Perth Part I – Clouds Perth Part II – Journey It’s time to relish back the Perth, Australia experience. Yes… for those that have ...Read More

Perth II – Journey

So I promised a few of you guys for more Perth photos. Yes… so where did I stay? Of course it’ll be a hotel. For those that missed it, don’t worry here’s the link. Perth Part I – Clouds Mercure Hotel, Irwin Street, nice ...Read More

Perth I – Cloud

“Feast Your Eyes On Sceneries” – Daniel What do you do when you’re in a foreign country. You take pictures by theme. Hmm… well, knowingly who wants to see my face on photos, so I am just gonna put one. HAHAHA!!! But then I ...Read More