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ShoutOut Penang BBQ 3

Remember People there, click the Read More »» button to see more photos. ———————————————— The hopefully final installment of the ShoutOut series in Penang Island. Yes, for those that don’t know, it was supposed to be held at the beach but due to bad weather, location ...Read More

ShoutOut Penang 2

Warning : This post is full of photos so I am warning you people just in case some still using 56k modem 😛 ——————————————————————————————————————————– Well, this is the second part, in case you missed the previous part of this Penang trip, here’s the recap ...Read More

ShoutOut Penang 1

Yes, finally… the moment some of you have been waiting for. My trip to Penang Island once again, this time going up on 14th December 2007. Yes, I took leave from work to go up to Penang Island, The Pearl of The Orient. Well, ...Read More

Team Building Port Dickson

Yes, finally some travel photos. Woah… wait… yes, I’ve just been to Port Dickson like 2 weeks ago, and it was for a team building event. Though I must say, it’s been awhile since I’ve gone to Port Dickson. A year ago, I do ...Read More

No Redang Cleanup 2007 For Me

What??? Do I see the title correctly? What do you mean no Redang Cleanup? Yes, it means what it meant to be. This year, I have to forego my Redang Island annual cleanup held at Redang Kalong. Yes, it is the Redang Island situated ...Read More

Perth IV – Finale

Here are the other Perth Travel Logs Perth Part I – Clouds Perth Part II – Journey Perth Part III – Park Looks like another final installment. Yes!!! There are still people who can’t get enough of it. So… here’s the final post. Who ...Read More

Perth III – Park

Yes, it’s the continuation of the Perth experience. For those that miss the previous posts, here are the links below. Perth Part I – Clouds Perth Part II – Journey It’s time to relish back the Perth, Australia experience. Yes… for those that have ...Read More

Perth II – Journey

So I promised a few of you guys for more Perth photos. Yes… so where did I stay? Of course it’ll be a hotel. For those that missed it, don’t worry here’s the link. Perth Part I – Clouds Mercure Hotel, Irwin Street, nice ...Read More