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Different Ways to Travel in America

Yeah, it has been awhile, but yes, after having experience the States and currently being in Hawaii (more on this to come later), I actually looked upon to travel other places in America in the future. Of course, the difference between traveling in Hawaii ...Read More

Celebrating 21s!

Oh hello everyone! I was going through my usual routine of my facebook checking when I suddenly remembered the brief chat I had with Mr Chew himself the other day. Failed to realise that him “going away next week” was actually this entire week ...Read More

WHEN is Daniel’s royal wedding?

Hi everyone, it’s sweister the monster here subbing in for Daniel again. Hahahaha. Soooo, hands up for anyone who watched the live broadcast of the Royal Wedding last Friday! Call me a mainstream junkie but ask any fairy tale loving girl and she’d tell ...Read More

Manchester United vs Chelsea Viewing Party

Woots…. this Sunday will be Liverpool vs Manchester United viewing party…. wheee…… Time to see Torres trashed the Red Devils. Ehhhh.. wait??? Not this Sunday ah? Aiyoyo. Looks like I was wrong. This Saturday is to see how Manchester United loses to Chelsea instead. ...Read More

I want a new phone!

The first ever mobile phone I got was an old second hand Nokia phone. . It was huge and bulky. Most importantly, its cover was opaque and purple in colour. Purple is my favourite colour. It has this dragon motif on its back which ...Read More

Career VS Job.

Greetings, loved ones. 😀 AHAHHAHA. Sound familiar? It’s from Katy Perry’s “California Girls“. The radio has been playing it almost every single day it’s bloody ridiculous. Just some random day last week, I heard the song like four times: on my way to work, ...Read More

what to do?

since uncle daniel is away. lemme pollute his blog with this question in my mind everytime i kaikai 3some. introducing the i, ms.bulat have been a lightbulb for manymanymany (cannot count finish) years. (the greatest feeling is when you walk in IKEA’s Lightbulb section. ...Read More