Wedding Archive

Wedding of Jenny and Zhong

Congratulations once again to Jenny and Zhong Jye (their playful names) for their wedding that was held in Melaka town of Malaysia. It was a hot Sunday morning and this time I have the opportunity to shoot the process outside where the ‘hengdais’ (bros) ...Read More

Wedding of Siew Peng and Ronnie

This post seems late, but nevertheless, I have to highlight this. Well, attended Siew Peng’s and Ronnie’s wedding. Surprisingly the food served was all vegetarian. Imagine eating vegetarian shark fin’s soup, vegetarian prawn, vegetarian jellyfish. My eyes rolled when I found out everything was ...Read More

Rare Wedding at KL Tower

This weekend was mightily hectic. First on a Saturday morning went for a day shooting, and I ended up myself feeling very exhausted and tired due to the insufficient sleep the previous night. That’s why on the way home, I slept until it was ...Read More