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Jog Training 4.9km Taman Melawati

Good day to all readers of, it seems that the day is drawing nearer for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 and this is when Daniel is practicing and running to get himself into shape for the upcoming 21km running event he registered. ...Read More

Practice Run 5km Taman Melawati

Super tired. Super super tired. Why so tired? That’s why la~~~ Go to China, then come back then no train. Then after that just sit at home sleeping or watching tv or go online all the time. Then suddenly today in the morning around ...Read More

Back to Running and Training

Looks like more protein shake for me. Those who have been following knows that I've started running marathon this year, and indeed I won't stop until I achieved a certain position. It all began on my first run which was at the Wild Wild ...Read More

Flying on Siemens Run 2009

To tell about my experience on the Siemens Run 2009, here’s the recap of what happened. Unlike the one that I took part in KL Marathon, this one is 10km and arguably one of the most organized running events that I’ve experienced. Here are ...Read More