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Kokorobox Port Dickson Memory

The way down memory lane is tricky. More intriguing than I thought. Previously you would have known that kokorobox under the guidance of Joey Tong or rather the founder of it, have organized their Port Dickson Year End Barbeque Party for the members of ...Read More

Rare Wedding at KL Tower

This weekend was mightily hectic. First on a Saturday morning went for a day shooting, and I ended up myself feeling very exhausted and tired due to the insufficient sleep the previous night. That’s why on the way home, I slept until it was ...Read More

Wedding of Christy on Monday

It was a night to remember for my ex-colleague in one of my longest serving company. I wished Christy and her husband a bright future. Well, coming from me who has been there like 4 years ago. Woots… time pass but hope the friendship ...Read More

Red Box Karaoke The Curve Craziness

The day was Thursday. It happened instantenously the day before that DanielCtw decided to join the group of Shouters for a karaoke session. Well, in fact he wasn’t supposed to even go for the karaoke but surprisingly what made him change his mind, one ...Read More

Recent Nuffnang Mamma Mia

I am back from the Nuffnang Event of Mamma Mia. I must say I am impressed with the storyline of the movie premiere though I would say not many people around my age would enjoy with a reason. Why?? First you’ll be looking at ...Read More

Nuffnang Mamma Mia Here I Go

After like waiting for the time to past, I finally got the tickets for the Nuffnang Screening event for Mamma Mia. Basically I would prefer to get tickets for this mamma mia screeening compared to the rest of them due to the musical nature ...Read More

MIFC Fireworks Finale Putrajaya

What can I say? Indeed it was a crazy night when I first stepped onto the photoshoot event of capturing the night of the fireworks finale at Putrajaya. What is worse is actually reached there about 7:30pm and the best available place was already ...Read More